Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where I Stand on 4 Everyday Life Choices

On Friday Simple Mom talked about 4 everyday life choices we face when we simplify our lives in this post .

So I thought I would post what I do here.  Every one's life is different so when it comes to simplifying your life you have to chose what works for you. 

Question 1:  Should I take the time to clip coupons?

I don't clip coupons.  There just doesn't seem to be that many for the stuff I normally buy and no stores around here double coupons at all.  So for the time spent it doesn't seem worthwhile to me and it would probably just tempt me to buy more processed foods.

Question 2: Should I line dry my laundry or use my clothes dryer?

I line dry my laundry.  I live in the country so I have lots of room to hang it out and no neighbours to be checking out my undies on the line.  I enjoy going outside to hang it up and find it peaceful and relaxing.  In the winter I have a line strung across my basement that I use to hang my clothes.  I do have a dryer and it does get used occasionally but most of the time my clothes are line dried.

Question 3: Should we have a land line phone in addition to cell phones, or cell phones only?

Well, having a cell phone only wouldn't work where I live because the reception is spotty.  We have instead chosen to not get a cell phone and we only have a land line.  Sometimes a cell phone would come in handy but we have lived without one for this long and another monthly bill is not something we need right now.

Question 4: Should we become a one car family?

We have two vehicles (three if you count the truck which is used mainly on the farm) and have no plans to become a one car family.  Living in the country we have to drive everywhere, nothing is in walking or even reasonable biking distance.  So if we had only one car either I would have to drive my hubby to work and then pick him up again or be stuck at home all day.  Neither option is appealing to us so we are going to stay a two car family.

There that's our decisions on these issues.  Where do you stand?

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