Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Activities

It is here.  Today is the girls last day of school.  The other day we made a list of the activities that we want to do this summer.  Here it is in no particular order:

-swimming lessons
-swim at the pool
-reading club at the library
-family camping trip
-the girls are going to a 3 day sleep over camp
-keep a summer journal
-read lot's of books
-Star wants to work on her rug hooking craft and sewing
-leaf collecting, press flowers
-Sky wants to do bubble art
-rock painting
-gardening (we only have a little garden because of the flooding this spring)
-pick raspberries
-go for lot's of walks/bike rides
-horseback riding
-visit our cousins (3.5 hr drive away)
-go to the beach
-and start to think about getting stuff ready for our new arrival in September

Also my parents are coming to visit this weekend and they volunteered to help us paint our kitchen.  So that is our big project to kick off the summer.

What activities do you have planned this summer?

Thursday, June 23, 2011



Outside my window... it is a warm sunny day (finally).  It is a little breezy though but everything looks nice and green from all the rain we have been having.

I am thinking... that the girls only have three more days of school left.  I can hardly believe it is almost time for summer holidays. 

I am thankful... for so many things family, warm summer days, plenty of food to eat.

In the kitchen... not much is happening in there at the moment.  I have some dishes to do.  Sky was supposed to be making supper tonight but she never did decide what she was going to make.

I am wearing... green shorts and a white T-shirt.

I am creating... I am still working on LK's 1st year scrapbook.  Hoping to have it complete before the new baby arrives.  I have a few crochet projects on the go but haven't really spent much time crocheting lately.

I am going... to two barbeque's tomorrow.  One at the girls school for lunch and then they have playday in the afternoon.  For supper Hubby's work is having a BBQ during the towns Summer Funfest to raise money for a local park.  It will be a fun but busy day.  Hopefully we have another nice, sunny day.

I am wondering... where we will end up going on our family camping trip this summer.  We were planning on going Yellowstone.  However, I will be just about 32 weeks pregnant at that time and am unable to get travel health insurance.  So I would have no health coverage if we went down there.  We are thinking of heading to Kananaskis Country instead.

I am reading... The Brides of Culdee Creek series by Kathleen Morgan

I am hoping... for more nice weather.

I am looking forward to...
the girls being home for summer.

I am hearing... all is quiet right now as LK is taking a nap.  All I hear is the hum of the computer and the ticking of a clock.

Around the house... a cleaning definitely is in order but I am not tackling any big projects right now as (a) I don't have the energy and (b) I want to spend as much time outside as I can while the weather is nice.

One of my favorite things... warm sunny days! (in case you haven't guessed by now)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  There is the two barbeque's to go to tomorrow but other than that I have no plans.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canoeing on the slough

It continues to be a very wet spring here.  The slough ((in the prairies) a large hole where water collects or the water in such a hole) near our yard is fuller than it has ever been.  Some years this area is completely dry but such is not the case this year.  The other night we decided to take the canoe out on the slough.  It was a nice evening and we enjoyed the ride.  As we were canoeing we saw some snails in the water and we tried to grab them (nearly tipping the canoe in the process).  The girls enjoyed looking at the snails but LK just crushed them in his hand.  When we arrived back at shore the girls were delighted to find that there were hundreds of snails in the shallows and quickly started collecting them.  LK of course has to be where they are and ended getting all wet (good thing it was a fairly warm night).  The girls enjoyed finding all these snails and a jar of them made its way to school the next day for show and tell.

Star collecting snails.

Sky with a handful of snails. 

Yes, LK got all wet.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekly Update: A Wet Spring, LK Outside, A Night Away

It has been a very wet spring here and this past week was no different.  I have not got any garden planted yet and this is what my garden looked like last week.

As you can see it is very muddy and full of standing water.  As it has been raining all day today I don't think it is getting any drier.  As it is already pretty late in the season I think I may not have a garden this year.  It is a little disappointing.  However with being pregnant and having a busy little guy who keeps me hopping it may be for the best.  I am already feeling quite large, sore, and tired with this pregnancy.  It's hard to believe with my first at this time I was barely showing and with this fourth pregnancy I am already starting to waddle when I am tired. 

LK is getting to be very active.  He loves being outside and cries when we have to go in.  One of his favorite places to go to is the chicken coop.  He likes watching the chickens and feeding them some grass.  There is also a kitten that hangs out their that he likes to visit.

I have to be on my toes when outside as he does wander off on me frequently.  However in most cases when I can't find him I go look by the chicken coop and there he is chasing the kitten around or watching the chickens.

In other news this past weekend Hubby and I went away for a night.  Grandma graciously volunteered to watch the kiddos.  It was our first time being apart from LK and I was a little worried about leaving him as he is a bit of a mama's boy.  However, he was fine and everyone was happy because he would let them hold him since I wasn't around to cling to.  Hubby and I spent the night at the Manitou Springs Resort Hotel and Mineral Spa.  It was a nice, relaxing time.  The water there is really interesting and you float with no effort.  With this pregnant belly I could literally be straight up in down in the deep water and I would just float there.  Hubby wasn't quite as buoyant but he definitely could easily float on his back with no effort.

We also spent the day in the city yesterday getting our applications in for our passports.  We are thinking of going to Yellowstone this year for our camping trip.  LK was not happy about getting his picture taken but we were able to get an acceptable one after giving him the keys to play with.

Here I am with my pregnant belly in front of Manitou Lake.