Monday, May 10, 2010

My Weekly Goal

So I have been doing pretty good with my weekly goals.  I have been keeping up with drinking my water and taking my vitamins.  Last week my goal was to have no pop and I had two cokes on the weekend.  So I didn't entirely achieve it but that is much less than I normally drink.  This week I want to continue with the water drinking and taking my vitamins, as well as only have one coke this week. 

On the house cleaning we did finally get the girls room cleaned up yesterday, so this week I want to make sure it stays that way by having the girls tidy it every night.  Also my goal for this week is to clean the porch.  It has finally stopped raining and snowing so if I get it cleaned maybe it will stay that way for a little while.  I am planning on putting the winter stuff away as well as hopefully we have seen the last of the snow for a couple months.

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