Sunday, November 11, 2012

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Today more people are sick here as a stomach bug works its way through this household.  It is not fun.  However, yesterday all were feeling well so we got to go out and play in the first major snowfall of the year.  This week is also the week we have our calves booked to sell so we had to get the cows in and get the calves separated and weighed.  It was a bit cold and snowy for that but all went well. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Goals Update for Thursday and Friday

Goal #1: Exercise every morning (Mon - Fri) this week.

Progress: On Thursday morning I got up and did a yoga video again.

Goal #2: Take both kids outside every day and spent some time playing with them.
Progress: Thursday Sky has piano lessons in the morning so I didn't take the kids out to play.  However, they did get out of the house as we went took Sky to her piano lesson, ran some errands, stopped by the tot spot playgroup, and went grocery shopping.

Thursday night (or actually Friday morning) Star got sick at 1 AM and didn't stop getting sick until 7 AM so all bets were off on Friday.  I just tried to make it through the day.  Sky was nice enough to take LK out for a short time so he could get some fresh air.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekly Goals Update

Goal #1: Exercise every morning (Mon - Fri) this week.

Progress: Yeah, for me!  Once again I managed to get up and do a little exercise.  This morning I did a walking video.  And yes, I am really out of shape as video totally wore me out.  Just another reason to keep working on this.

Goal #2: Take both kids outside every day and spent some time playing with them.

Progress:  We spent some time outside this morning. We feed the chickens and found some eggs.  The horses were around so we visited them and then LK decided to climb on the bales.

Yarn Along

It has been quite some time since I shared some crochet with you all. Here are some of the projects I have finished in the past few months.

For Star's 11 birthday she received a crochet skirt and hat.  The skirt pattern is Andalucia by Deanne Ramsey.  It was quite simple and features an elastic waist which is nice as you don't have to get the sizing exactly right.  The matching hat is called Gypsy Girl and is a free pattern.
This cute tea set is from the book Amigurumi Two, Crocheted Toys for Me, You and Baby Too by Ana Paula Rimoli.  It turned out pretty nice but I would make the cups a little smaller next time.
This cute bonnet type hat for LT is Nasturtium by Caitlin Pensak.  I liked the front post, back post ribbing around the face.  It was the first time I had ever done post stitches.
And my last finished object was this baby cardigan.  It is from the Craftsy class Crochet: Beyond Rectangles.
This is a photo of my WIP.  It is the Tulips Hat and Scarf pattern.
Currently I am reading An Everlasting Meal Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler.  It is quite interesting.  It is not a recipe book per say (although it does have some recipes in it.) but more of a how to cook book.  The other book I am reading is Sarah's Quilt: A Novel of Sarah Agnes Prine and the Arizona Territories by Nancy E. Turner.  I saw another yarn alonger reading this trilogy and thought it looked interesting so I requested it from my local library.  I am enjoying these books, however I found the beginning of These is my Words (the first book in the trilogy) a little depressing at the start because there was a lot of deaths.  The pioneers sure had to endure a lot. 
From the book description:
In These Is My Words, Sarah Agnes Prine told the spellbinding story of an extraordinary pioneer woman and her struggle to make a home in the Arizona Territories. Now, in this mesmerizing sequel, a three-year drought has made Sarah desperate for water. And just when it seems that life couldn't get worse, she learns that her brother and his family are trapped in the Great San Francisco Earthquake. A heartwarming blend of stubbornness and compassion, Sarah Agnes Prine will once again capture the hearts of readers everywhere.
Well that is all for today. For more yarn and reading inspiration head over to the Small Things blog.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekly Goals Update

Just a quick update of my weekly goals.

Goal #1: Exercise every morning (Mon - Fri) this week.

Progress:  Well, I made it out of bed early again this morning.  As I slowly ease my way back into exercising I did another yoga video this morning.  It started out easy enough but I was sweating and out of breath by the time I got halfway through.

Goal #2: Take both kids outside every day and spent some time playing with them.

Progress:  We spent probably 45 min outside this morning.  It wasn't too cold but it was a bit windy.  We looked at our shadows and LK even played a bit of shadow tag with me.  Then I took them for a short walk in the wagon.  It turned out quite nice this afternoon so when the older girls went out to do their chores LK tagged along and they played outside for a while.

All that fresh air tuckered someone out.  She didn't quite make it through lunch (and yes she is a messy eater).

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Goals

Well, this space has been a bit quiet lately.  Things have been busy and keeping up with a two year old and a one year old is always a challenge.  However, I do feel like I could be doing more or doing things better.  So I've set a couple of goals for this week and plan to post how I am doing here to keep myself accountable.

Goal #1: Exercise every morning (Mon - Fri) this week.  I have not been exercising much at all lately and this is something I would really like to add to my routine as I feel much better and have more energy when I exercise regularly.

Progress:  Well, I got up this morning but did not feel like exercising (who really feels like exercising at 6AM).  I took a couple of minutes to wake up and then popped in a yoga strength training DVD.  I felt great when I was done.

Goal #2: Take both kids outside every day and spent some time playing with them.  I must admit since the weather has turned colder we haven't been spending much time outside.  I've taken to just rushing out with LK for few minutes to feed the chickens and cats while Lil naps.  However, she loves to be outside as well and we could all stand to spend some more time outside.  This is Saskatchewan and the weather is only going to get colder so we might as well get used to it.  I am bringing  my camera along and will share some photos of our outside fun.

Progress:  Here are some pictures from today's outside time.  It was really nice when we first went out but then it started to rain.

Do you set weekly goals?  How do you keep yourself accountable? 
Have a great week!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Wow, can you believe it is November already?  The month of October flew by without any posts so I thought I would just share a few pictures from the month.

LT and LK at a park in MJ

One Sunday Sky plotted with Dad and they planned a picnic lunch and outing.  We drove on some back roads and through some fields to arrive here. 

Sky and Star enjoyed climbing this hill.

LK throwing rocks in the water.

Star walking with LT.

LT wandering off.

Finding a cave/tunnel to crawl through.

The children were in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Playing in the leaves.

Carving a pumpkin.

It has been a busy month filled with lots of work, but also some wonderful funfilled times.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday LT

One year ago . . .

Today . . .

 Happy first birthday to our precious little girl.  We love you so very much!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Outside my window . . . the sun is shining but it is cool and frosty.  We had our first hard frost last night.  Good thing I picked most of my tomatoes this weekend.

I am thinking . . . about how children grow up way too fast.  LT is walking everywhere now.  My baby has become a toddler.

I am thankful . . . for family, a hard working husband, and that I am able to stay home with my little ones.

In the kitchen . . . roast chicken for supper tonight then we will use the  leftover chicken in meals for the rest of the week.

I am creating . . . a meal plan for the rest of the week and some plans for a birthday party this weekend (to celebrate LT's first and Star's eleventh birthdays).  Also crocheting a few things for birthday gifts.

I am wearing . . . grey sweatpants and a white T-shirt.

I am going . . . staying home today.   Then Sky has soccer on Tuesday night and piano on Thursday.  The activities for the year are getting into full swing.

I am reading . . . The No-Cry Discipline Solution by Elizabeth Pantely and for a fun light read I am also reading Dead Men Don't Crochet, part of the Crochet Murder Mystery Series by Betty Hechtman.

I am hoping . . . that this beautiful fall weather continues and that I take the time to enjoy it.

I am looking forward to . . . a double birthday party  this weekend for my oldest and youngest whose birthdays are only a week apart.

I am learning . . . patience, you are always learning patience when dealing with little ones.

Around the house . . . a bunch of cleaning needs to be done as usual.  Also this week I hope to go through the two little ones clothes.  (Put away the summer clothes and the clothes they have outgrown and bring out the warmer clothes)

One of my favorite things . . . watching LT mastering her new skill of walking.   She toddles around a bit like a drunken sailor,  plops down, then (very determined) she gets back up and gives it another go. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: cooking, cleaning, playing with the little ones, taking the older ones to their activities, and trying to enjoy it all.

A peek into my day . . . our chickens have started laying and we are happy to have an abundance of eggs.  However, LT & LK discovered them and thought they were wonderful for some fun sensory play.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Trip to Winnipeg

Well, we have been back from Winnipeg for almost two weeks now and summer continues to fly by.  Harvest has started here with the winter wheat and now the peas so a few times I have had to drop my plans to go drive truck or combine.  The girls have had some cousins visiting so they have had lot's of fun playing together.  They discovered a batch of kittens in the hayloft as well so have they have spent a bunch of time out there.  This week the older girls are off to camp so I just have the two little ones but we continue to have some cousins visiting.   So far it has been a busy, fun filled, wonderful summer.  I did want to share a bit from our trip to Winnipeg.  This year we did not do a camping trip.   Instead since my brother recently moved to Winnipeg and we had never really been there, we decided to camp out in his apartment and see what Winnipeg had to offer.

On the first day we headed down to The Forks (downtown Winnipeg where the Red River and the Assiniboine River meet).   Once there we hit up the Children's Museum which was fun for the young (and the young at heart).  So yes basically all of us enjoyed playing there.  (I should also mention in addition to having my brother with us my Mom and Dad also joined us on this trip.)

LK enjoyed this cool slide.

Lil has fun watching the balls roll down this track.

The water table was another big attraction for LK.  He got soaked even with his yellow water apron on.

After enjoying the Children's Museum we went outside, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and walked around a bit.  There was a pretty nice playground and splash pad for the kids to enjoy.  I really liked some of the historic elements of the playground.  They had a canoe, trading post, these oxen pulling a Red River cart and many other things which I cannot recall right now.  

Star and Sky at the playground.

Sky and Star enjoying the water fowl on the river at The Forks.

On our second day we headed to Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg for the day.  The beach was beautiful, the day was sunny and hot and I would say this was one of the best days of our trip.  Very relaxing.  The sand was nicer than most beaches on the prairies and the girls (and Daddy) built a gigantic sand castle.

Daddy and Sky with their sand castle.

Daddy and LK burying Star in the sand.

Lil enjoying the sand.

On our third day we headed to Whiteshell Provincial Park. Rocks, trees, and beautiful lakes and rivers.  We had lunch at a beautiful beach and the kids went in for dip.  Then we hiked to Pine Point Rapids (about 2.5 km) and enjoyed sliding on the rocks in the water.  It was a lot of fun and something different.  We stopped again at a different lake for supper before heading back to Winnipeg.

Sliding at Pine Point rapids.

The next day we decided to check out Historic Lower Fort Garry.    It was a neat place to visit with a number of buildings to explore.  There were interpreters in costume in each building.  Star and Sky seemed to really enjoy this and especially enjoyed some of the activities and demonstrations.

Sky and Star in front of a tee pee.

Finger weaving and making cattail dolls and ducks.

There was a spinning demonstration and wool dyed with natural dyes.

Star and Sky showing off their cattail

On our last day in Winnipeg we went to Assiniboine Park and Zoo.  The zoo was nice but it was bit hot that day to be walking around.  The nature playground in Assiniboine Park was quite nice as well and the kids enjoyed it a lot (especially the water feature on such a hot day).

Star, Uncle P, LK, and Sky at the Nature Playground.

Daddy and Lil on the climbing hill.

Uncle P, LK, and Sky enjoying the water feature.

Overall it was a great trip and I would definitely go back again.  Many thanks to my brother and parents for helping out with the little ones and providing some meals.  It really made this a relaxing, frugal, fun-filled family vacation.

PS.  Another week and a half has gone by since I started this post.  The older girls are back from camp and they had a lot of fun there.  It continues to be a super busy summer.  We finally got new cement poured in our basement (so we had to move in with Grandpa for a few days).  I can't believe school starts in two weeks.  But for now we are trying to squeeze as much enjoyment out of summer as we can.