Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cold Weather and a Bible Verse Book

It is May 6 today and I think there has only been one day in May that is hasn't snowed here. 
But as my bible verse for the week says "...In all circumstances give thanks..."  The moisture will be good for the crops (if we ever get them planted) and the grass.  Actually I don't mind too much as I have plenty to keep me busy indoors but a nice day to work in the garden would be good too.

Last year as part of her preparation for First Communion my oldest made a notebook to write in her favorite prayers and bible verses.  Since we have started memorizing some bible verses I decided to have my younger daughter make one as well so we can use it to record our bible verses for the week.  So I found an old notebook from my school days that still had quite a few blank pages, ripped out the used ones and gave it to her.  I printed a picture that she coloured and glued on the front.  Then inside we pasted a printout of common prayers and she printed the bible verse for the week.  So now when we see a prayer we really like we can add it to the book and as we memorize bible verses we will add them as well.

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