Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well it is the dreaded Wednesday again.  My weight today is 165 lbs.  So no change from last week.  I am actually surprised that the number did not go up as again I ate too much over the weekend and since last weekend was a long weekend that meant an extra day of pigging out.  If I really want to lose weight I am going to have to watch what I eat 7 days a week not just 5 or 4.  Also no workouts to report this week.  Not good.  This is the point where I would normally probably give up.  However, I want to continue to try and make some healthy lifestyle changes.  I have been successful at reducing the amount of coke I drink but I know that it would be very easy to start drinking it daily again.  I also have been doing pretty good at drinking water, but I have to continue to track how much I am drinking because otherwise I forget to drink it.  I have said in the past I have said that I find it easier to drink my water with a straw.  Well last week my straw-topped water bottle started to leak, so I had to find an alternative.  Most water bottles have either a squirt top or a screw top you have to remove to drink and having a large glass of water around all the time isn't practical as I would probably end up spilling it.  So I rigged this up:

I just took a canning jar and poked a hole in the lid for a straw and voila my new water bottle.  This isn't an original idea I read about it somewhere (unfortunately I have no idea where or I would give credit).  I am enjoying using my new water bottle, it cost me nothing, and as it is made of glass it is probably better for me than a plastic water bottle.


  1. LOVE the water bottle - so creative! :-)
    Also...DO NOT give up and don't get discouraged! You are doing awesome! You are doing the weight loss the correct way...slowly and healthy. Great job!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. It is not an easy journey but I will just keep trying to make healthy choices.