Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Chicks

We keep a few chickens on our farm for personal use.  We usually have some meat chickens that we butcher ourselves and some that we keep for eggs.  I must say that farm fresh chicken tastes much better than the stuff you can get in the stores.  Also the eggs are much better too and our chickens are free range, pasture fed, and pretty much organic.  When I walk outside these days usually a bunch of chickens follow me around (at least until I feed them or they figure out that I am not feeding them this time).

Yesterday we got some new chicks that my father-in-law and his wife hatched.  They are Americauna chickens and they will lay blue eggs.  They are super cute and the girls love them.

Chicks are fun to have.  We are blessed to live where we can raise some chickens.

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