Friday, May 21, 2010

Planting Garden

Well this past week I finally got a little bit of garden planted.  I planted this 4 ft x 8 ft box using the square foot garden method. I have a large garden area but the soil is very heavy clay so last year I built a couple of boxes and added some purchased soil.  It seemed to work pretty well although shortly after planting the cows got out and had to investigate it.  They caused quite a bit of damage.  Hopefully that doesn't happen this year.  In this box I planted 8 squares of peas, 8 squares of carrots, 4 squares of beets, 2 squares of spinach, 2 squares of lettuce, 2 squares of beans, 2 squares of radishes, and 4 squares of onions.  So that is a lot of garden in a little space.  We will see how it grows this year.  I have a lot more I want to plant but it is supposed to rain most of this weekend.  So when the weather gets nice again I will be busy.

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