Sunday, May 30, 2010

Planting Some Plants

It has been cool and rainy here so I haven't been able to get into my large vegetable garden.  However today the rain let up enough to let me and girls plant a few planters and the flower bed by my back door.  A while back we visited the green house and I let the girls pick out a few flowers to plant.  Here is my youngest daughter with the pot that she planted.  She picked out a geranium and some petunias to plant (And yes that is a pail of sprouted potatoes in the background.  They are to be planted in the garden if it ever dries up.)

We also put a few plants into the flower bed.  We planted 4 cherry tomato plants (which should be good to snack on in the summer), some marigolds and petunias, and some parsley and basil.  Here is my oldest daughter in front of the flower bed.  It looks pretty bare now but if everything grows well it will soon fill in. All the wire fencing is to discourage the cats and chickens from digging in my flower bed.

So I accomplished a little bit today and spent some time with the girls.  Hopefully the weather will smarten up and we can get some more garden planted.