Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

Today's weight : 165.  Yeah! That is down one more pound.  I didn't do anything drastic this past week just tried to eat a little less.  I didn't do any formal workouts this past week between fighting off this cold and spending time doing yardwork.  In the summer when it is nice I like to spend a lot of time outside and I have a big yard and garden to take care of but I would still like to do 2-3 more formal workouts a week.  So I will see if I can do at least a couple of workouts this week. 


  1. Good job KK!! Keep it up! I need to do that too. But now that I have a locker at the gym at my work hopefully I will be working out more before I drive home.

  2. Thanks Cam, it is not much but I am happy any time the number on the scale is not going up. Working out before leaving work sounds like a good plan. I don't have a specific time I plan to do my workouts. Having one would probably help me be more consistent with my workouts.