Monday, May 3, 2010

My Weekly Goal

Last week my goal was to drink a least 4 bottles of water a day and take my vitamins.  I did pretty good, reaching my goal every day but Sunday.  As long as I keep my water bottle filled it isn't hard for me to sip the water, but when I don't bother to keep it filled I don't drink nearly as much water.  If you are trying to drink more water this is my best tip:  Keep a full water bottle around and sip it through out the day.  My water bottle has a straw top which I prefer as I find it easier to sip with.

This week my goal is going to be a bit harder for me.  I want to continue tracking my water intake making sure to drink at least 4 bottles and in addition not drink any pop this week.  I have a coke nearly every afternoon and I want to get rid of that habit. 

On the household front I want to clean and organize the girls room and help them keep it that way.  Anyone have tips on how to get an eight year old and a six year old to keep their room clean?

Monday: 4 bottles of water, vitamins, no coke


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