Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Cleaner Porch

Just checking on some of my weekly goals.  The girls room has stayed pretty neat all week but it will need a quick tidy up when they get back from their sleepover.

My other goal was to clean the porch.  I kept putting this off because it was a big job.  It did take me nearly two hours and I didn't do a completely thorough job but it looks much better.  This is what my porch looked like before: 

And this is what is looks like now:

Aaah, much better.  I put away all the winter stuff (boots, jackets, snow pants, mitts, toques).  You need a lot a stuff to survive a Saskatchewan winter and we had some snow still just last week.  We should be done with snow now though so all that stuff got put away for the summer and I swept it out.  It could stand to be washed but I wasn't up for that today.   I also gathered up all the recyclables that were floating around and put in them in the car to be dropped off at the recycling depot and put a bunch of stuff that was gathering away in the basement.  Here's hoping we can keep it neat for a least a little while.


  1. Wow, that looks fantastic! Great job in only two hours! Being in Minnesota, I understand the difficulty of storing all of the winter items. Looks great!

  2. Your porch definitely looks better! Good job!