Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Weekly Update : New Chicks, Dandylions, and Doll Houses

Well it's been awhile again since I posted anything here on this blog.  Time seems to fly by these days.  I am going to try and do a weekly update so as to record some of the activities that happen each week.  Hopefully it will motivate me to spend some time with the kiddos and take some pictures.

This week we got some chicks that my father-in-law and his wife hatched for us.  New chicks are always so cute and fun.  The girls as always enjoyed holding them.  LK was very excited to see them but it was a challenge to keep him from too rough with them.

Sky holding a chick. 

Star with a chick.


It has been really rainy here is Sask. My garden is just a huge puddle.  We did have one nice day this week though so we bought some flowers and were able to plant them in our flower bed by the house.

The girls planting flowers.

Of course LK has to help too!

We also did some dandelion picking on that nice day.  As you can see we have no shortage of them.

And what did we do on all the rainy days?  Well, I will admit that some TV watching did happen.  But then Star asked Dad to bring home some boxes from work so that they could make doll houses in the basement.

Sky with her dolls and doll house.

Star going into her doll house.

So that is a few things that we did this past week.  We also managed to brand the calves this weekend as it was too wet for seeding.  It was a little mucky in the corrals but luckily we didn't get rained on too much.  How was your week?