Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well, we have a couple of people under the weather here which is no fun at all.  So it is a fairly simple menu for this week.  Thank goodness for menu plan Monday which keeps me making a menu even when I don't feel like it.

Monday: Homemade bread and cream of mushroom soup.

Tuesday: Roast chicken in the slowcooker, mashed potatoes, and frozen veggies.

Wednesday: Pasta with leftover chicken, broccoli and cauliflower salad.

Thursday: Fish, rice, and corn.

Friday:  Hot dogs and roasted apples over the fire.
We didn't get to have our hot dog roast last weekend because the weather didn't cooperate so we will try again.

Saturday & Sunday:  I don't have a plan yet for Saturday and Sunday.  The girls will be gone on a Girl Guide sleepover on Saturday so we will probably keep it simple.

So that's it.  Nothing fancy this week, hopefully next week I will be more creative but still it is nice to have a plan in place.

For more menu ideas check menu plan monday over at org junkie.

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