Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thrift Store Shopping

As the warm weather approached I realized that my summer wardrobe needed some new tops.  Last week when I was in the city I took a quick peek around Walmart but I did not see anything that I liked.  So the other day when I was in town I stopped by the local Salvation Army Store to see what they had.  It took a bit of looking through the racks but I found four tops that I liked.  In addition I picked up a few books for the girls.  In my previous post on reading I stated that I rarely purchase books choosing instead to use the library.  However, it is nice to have some of your own books around to take outside, or on camping and other trips without having to worry about losing or wrecking a library book.  Purchasing used books at garage sales or thrift stores is a great way to do this without spending a ton of money.  I got all of this for under $20.00.

I think I will save the books and give them as end of the school year gifts to the girls.  They will be great for summer reading and a way to reward them for a completing another year of school.

So don't overlook your local thrift store when you need to purchase something and if you are going through your closet or bookshelf please consider donating your items.  It is the ultimate way to recycle and benefits both the environment and your pocket book.

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  1. Great finds! I LOVE thrift stores - it's a lot of fun to get great stuff for cheap.