Friday, April 30, 2010

Homemade Toys: Playmat

So many baby toys are used for such a short time that I wonder if it is worthwhile to purchase them.  I do believe that by playing with and looking at toys babies are learning alot.  I was really tempted to buy my son a playmat with some toys that dangle, but these things aren't cheap and only really get used for a few months.   Instead I decided to see what I could rig up at home.  My son spents most of his time (when we aren't holding him) lying on the floor on a blanket.  I tied some toys (a rattle that he was given, a spool, and a lid covered with tinfoil) from an old TV tray and let them dangle for him to watch and bat at.  He loves it and it cost nothing to make. 

When making homemade toys please keep safety first.  He uses this only under supervision and it will be taken apart when he is old enough to grab and pull the toys.

Another thing that he enjoys is having a board book propped open on the floor for him to look at.  We can change the picture frequently so that he doesn't get bored and now he is starting to enjoy reaching out and knocking it over.  It is never too early to introduce them to books.

It is fun and frugal to be creative and use what you have in different ways.

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