Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drawing A Town

The other day my youngest daughter came home from school with the message for the day which was on a large piece of paper.  So I turned the paper over and drew some streets on it and let the girls draw in the town.  They drew in a school, a church, a park, a river with a bridge over it, some cars on the road, and a  green railroad track with an old fashioned grain elevator beside it (which I helped draw).  Then they drew a bunch of houses for all their relatives (Grandma's house, Laura's house, Michelle's house, Stephen's house, Colette's house, etc.).  They had a lot of fun planning and drawing their town (although there was a bit of a fight when someone's river they were drawing started flowing into someone's playground.)

After they were all done drawing their town my youngest daughter brought our her toy dinosaur and he stomped through the town squashing vehicles and causing chaos.

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