Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today in honour of Earth Day I am going to list some of the things I do that are green and what I would like to improve on.  Most of the things that I do that are green I do because they are also frugal.  I definately want to help our environment, but it does help that these things also help us financially.

What I Do:
1.  I use cloth diapers all the time when I am at home.
2.  I use cloth rags for the majority of my cleaning, rarely paper towels.
3.  I use CFL's in the majority of my light fixtures.
4.  I donate to and shop at thrift stores.
5.  I line dry my laundry.
6.  I only wash clothes when they are actually dirty (we wear a lot of our clothes more than once).
7.  I do try to recycle most things.
8.  I have a garden and grow some of my own vegetables, as well as apples and raspberries.

Things I Want To Do Better:
1.  Turning off electronics and lights when not in use and teaching my children to do the same.
2.  Remembering to bring my cloth bags when I go shopping.
3.  Choosing products with less packaging.
4.  Buying organic and/or locally grown fruits and vegetables. (I struggle with the decision to buy organic because while green it is not frugal but I do think it is a good thing to do so I will try when I am able to buy organic this year).
5.  Being more conscious of the energy I use and try to reduce it.
6.  Use as much of the produce from the garden as I can.  Also try not to waste food.

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