Thursday, April 15, 2010


Reading with your children is a great activity to do.  It is frugal, fun, educational, and calming.  We read to/with our children every night and also throughout the day when we get a chance.  It is a relaxing thing to do together and they enjoy it very much.  My children are not great readers and it was a struggle when my oldest was in grade one to get her to practice reading every night.  But it was worth it. Now that my children our older they will sometimes read on their own  (usually with our encouragement).  Yesterday it made my heart sing to watch as my oldest read a story to her sister.
And so he doesn't feel left out here is my son on the floor with a book propped up for him to look at.

I love visiting our local library.  There are many books to choose from and it is FREE.  I rarely purchase books because we are blessed to live in a country that has libraries for us to use.  And even though I live near a small town with a smaller library our province has a province wide system and I can request books from all over the province for FREE.  And not only books but movies and music as well.  My kids love picking out a movie from the library to watch and of course they will also pick out some books as well.  Also our library has a number of programs for kids as well and they are FREE.  My kids attended the preschool storytime for years.  They really enjoyed it.  It consisted of the reading of a couple of books and an activity (usually a craft ) related to the stories, and a snack.  My girls are now to old for this but in the summer the library has a summer reading club for school aged children which they enjoy.  So check out your local library and enjoy reading on your own, to your children, with your children, and then watch your children read on their own and to each other.

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