Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Baking: Sugar Cookies

So I did manage this year to make all the Christmas goodies I had on my list.  For the final cookie I made sugar cookies.  I used this recipe that I found in a What's Cooking magazine a few years ago.  These are a soft, delicious sugar cookie.  The addition of cream cheese makes them a bit more expensive to make but it also makes them oh so good.  They are easy to roll out as well.  I always get the kids to help with these.  This year we cut them out with a star and tree shaped cookie cutter.  I then made some icing, divided it into two, and coloured it yellow (for the stars) and green (for the trees) and let the kids decorate them with candy and sprinkles.  They turned out very tasty and were a lot of fun to make too.  LK even helped to decorate them.

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