Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LT's Baptism

This past weekend LT was baptised in the Catholic faith.  It was a nice ceremony held during the Saturday evening mass.  I am thankful for all the family members who travelled to share this day with us and for the others who could not make it but kept us in their prayers.  Star and Sky were altar servers at the mass.  My brother was the Godfather and a cousin was the Godmother.  LT was very good.  She got a little fussy during the homily but then fell asleep.  She woke up and fussed a bit when the water was poured over her head.  But she quickly found her thumb and settled back to sleep.  LK was a bit rambunctious as nearly two year old boys tend to be.  He played with his tractors a bit and walked about visiting family members in the pew behind us but overall was very good.  Hubby wasn't happy that he discovered a granola bar in my bag just before we went up for the baptism but he wasn't about to take it away from him as that probably would have resulted in a major fit.  So LK was eating a granola bar as LT was baptised but it kept him happy.

The Baptism

The Family

With the Godparents

LT in her Baptismal Gown.  Hubby was baptized in this gown and all of our children as well.

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