Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Activities

It is here.  Today is the girls last day of school.  The other day we made a list of the activities that we want to do this summer.  Here it is in no particular order:

-swimming lessons
-swim at the pool
-reading club at the library
-family camping trip
-the girls are going to a 3 day sleep over camp
-keep a summer journal
-read lot's of books
-Star wants to work on her rug hooking craft and sewing
-leaf collecting, press flowers
-Sky wants to do bubble art
-rock painting
-gardening (we only have a little garden because of the flooding this spring)
-pick raspberries
-go for lot's of walks/bike rides
-horseback riding
-visit our cousins (3.5 hr drive away)
-go to the beach
-and start to think about getting stuff ready for our new arrival in September

Also my parents are coming to visit this weekend and they volunteered to help us paint our kitchen.  So that is our big project to kick off the summer.

What activities do you have planned this summer?


  1. I do not see "Go to Ottawa" on your list?

  2. If someone sent me tickets to Ottawa I would make the time to go. :)