Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canoeing on the slough

It continues to be a very wet spring here.  The slough ((in the prairies) a large hole where water collects or the water in such a hole) near our yard is fuller than it has ever been.  Some years this area is completely dry but such is not the case this year.  The other night we decided to take the canoe out on the slough.  It was a nice evening and we enjoyed the ride.  As we were canoeing we saw some snails in the water and we tried to grab them (nearly tipping the canoe in the process).  The girls enjoyed looking at the snails but LK just crushed them in his hand.  When we arrived back at shore the girls were delighted to find that there were hundreds of snails in the shallows and quickly started collecting them.  LK of course has to be where they are and ended getting all wet (good thing it was a fairly warm night).  The girls enjoyed finding all these snails and a jar of them made its way to school the next day for show and tell.

Star collecting snails.

Sky with a handful of snails. 

Yes, LK got all wet.

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