Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Update: Kitchen Cupboards, Swimming, Reading

Last weekend my parents and two of my brother's were out for the long weekend.  We had decided we were going to paint our kitchen including the cupboards.  It was a lot of work but we got it done and even had time to go to the beach one afternoon.  We didn't really change the colour in the kitchen so it doesn't look that different but it definitely looks fresh and clean.

LK enjoyed climbing and hiding in the empty cupboards.

Since the weather was nice and warm the Uncles kept the kids cool with some water play.

Old dish soap bottles (well-rinsed) make excellent squirt bottles for water fights.

LK enjoyed pouring water into a pail.

The girls started swimming lessons this week and they are enjoying them.  The weather was nice and warm and we also spent two afternoons at the pool.  LK is not crazy about being in the water but he is okay with it.  Being pregnant in this heat I enjoyed the water almost as much as the girls.

As far as other activities on our Summer List the girls have been keeping up their summer journals so far, and been doing quite a bit of reading.  For an end of the school year present I gave them a set of four adapted classic books for girls.  It included Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, The Secret Garden, and A Little Princess (all books I read as a child/teen).  I told them we could watch the movies after they had read the books.  So far Sky has read all four and Star has read three and is working on the fourth.  They have enjoyed them all.  When they are little older I will have to make sure they read the originals. 

Hmm, what else have we done from our list?  We did a little weeding in the garden and Sky was excited to be able to pick some radishes.  She does not like to eat them though.  Star wanted to work on her rug-hooking but when we went to open and work on her kit (that she got at Christmas) we could not find the instructions or chart the supposedly came with it.  I will have to do some looking online to see if I can figure out what we are suppose to do. 

Well that's all for now.  We are going on our camping trip next week. So this coming week will be busy with preparations for that. 

Enjoy your summer!

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