Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homemade Baby Food

I have been making most of LK's food myself.  I have made fruit, vegetable, and meat purees.  Now he is slowing moving on to table food but I still feed him purees sometimes, particularly when the meal we are having isn't very baby friendly.  Now I always thought making the purees was a lot of work, but when you just get down and do it, it doesn't take very long.  And because babies don't eat a whole lot it will last for a long time.  I freeze the purees in ice cube trays, then pop them out and keep the frozen cubes in ziploc bags.  While I did start LK on commercial rice cereal I have quickly moved on to making my own baby cereal.  Usually I make oatmeal or barley cereal. 

Now I don't always use homemade baby food.  I have picked up some store bought commercial baby food when it goes on sale and I use that when I am away from home.  For example I will be packing some this weekend when we travel to Grandma's and will be using it if I need to.  As with so many things it doesn't have to be an all or nothing situation.  You just do what you can and when you can't you do the next best thing.

There is so much information and lots of recipes out there for homemade baby food.  If you are at all interested in homemade baby food check out:

http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ and http://www.nurturebaby.com/.

There is also a new movement (which is really just going back to the old ways before blenders)  known as baby led weaning which skips the purees altogether and goes straight to serving the baby table food.

You can find more out about that here http://babyledweaning.blogware.com/ and wholesomebabyfood.com has a page on baby led weaning as well.

However, you choose to feed your baby enjoy the process and relish those smiling, messy faces.

LK snacking on some pears.

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