Friday, September 10, 2010

An Update of my Little Guy

So I thought I would give you an update of how my little guy is doing since he turned 7 months last week.  He has grown and changed a lot in the last month.  The biggest change is that he is very mobile.  Nothing lower than 2 feet is safe from him.  Which means I have to work on keeping our floors clean and safe as everything he finds goes in his mouth.  He will crawl on his hands and knees a little bit but mostly he scoots around on his tummy using his hands and feet to push himself along.  He can also get into a sitting position on his own. Which means that he can crawl up to the entertainment centre, open the drawer, sit up, and then remove all the DVDs from the drawer.

He remains a fairly happy and content baby.  He is a thumb sucker, which while it can be a hard habit to break later on, makes for a good sleeper as he sleeps 11 hours straight each night.  My eldest (Star) was also a thumb sucker and she was a good sleeper as well.  What is interesting is that Star sucked her right thumb but LK sucks his left.  Star is right handed, will LK be left-handed?  Time will tell I guess.  LK also got his first two teeth (the bottom front ones) last month.

Today LK once again demonstrated a new skill as he managed to pull himself into a standing position.  It seems everyday he manages to do something new.  One position he often gets into is something similar to the downward facing-dog pose in yoga.  But when I tried to take a picture of him doing it he just crawled toward me and tried to grab the camera.

Well that's all for now.  Relish whatever stage your child is in because they pass so quickly.

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