Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yarn Along & New Chicks

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to all who stopped by my last yarn along post and helped me choose the layout for my Bernat Mystery Afghan CAL.  Layout #2 got the most votes and that is the layout I went with but I switched some of the colours around.  I am slowly working on seaming it together. 

In the mean time I did start work on a string bag.  I am making this to store our beach and sand toys in for trips to the beach this summer.  (I am being optimistic and hoping we actually get to the beach a few times this summer).  I haven't been reading many books lately (mostly just reading blog posts) but I am still reading bit and pieces from Kid Cooperation by Elizabeth Pantley.  She has a number of parenting books and I have enjoyed the ones I have read by her.

In other news look what came in the mail today!
Yes, our chicks arrived.

LK was very excited to see them.  All day today he kept asking to go check on the chicks.

Getting their first drink of water after their trip through the mail.

LT was quite fascinated with them as well.  They sure are cute for the first few days.



  1. Why does it surprise me that you can get chicks sent through the mail?

    They sure are cute though. I bet your kiddos are in love!

  2. Wow, the chicks are so cute! Have fun with the mystery afghan.