Monday, February 6, 2012

A Toolbox

Star made this toolbox for LK for his 2nd birthday to go along with the crocheted tools I am making.  She and her dad came up with the design just using some scrap wood they had.  Dad did all the cutting and  Star drilled all the holes and pounded all the nails in.  Then both Sky and Star sanded and painted it.  It turned out pretty cute and it could be used to store anything.  Star was quite pleased with herself.  She loves to make things.

Star and Sky painting.

Of course LK wanted to paint as well when he saw the older girls painting. So I gave him a paintbrush and some water and let him "paint" on a piece of construction paper. He was quite content with that until he finally wore a hole in the wet paper and got upset.

LK "painting".

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