Monday, February 13, 2012

Basement Reno's

Our basement has needed some work done in it for a long time but we never seemed to have the time or money to do it.  Now we are finally tackling it (still don't really have the time or money but we are giving it a go one step at a time).  The last few weekends were spent moving everything from the basement out into the garage and tearing down walls and what not.  This weekend we jackhammered out the floor.  The jackhammering was a lot of work but the hardest part was carrying all the broken cement out.  We carried it out by hand in chunks or in 5 gallon pails.  Look at the pile of cement.

Now I won't even pretend that I did any of this work.  One of the advantages of having a baby to care for is that I got out of most of this work.  We are really thankful for the couple of family members that were able to come and help.  They did A LOT of work hauling all this cement out.  I am a little worried that they may have a hard time moving today but we are so grateful for their help.  This would have taken my husband a long time if he had to do it himself.

There is still quite a bit more cement to be hauled out and it will be quite a while before I get my basement back but we will keep working on it slow and steady (as time and money allows) and eventually we will have a usable space down there.  It will be really nice to have that space as with 4 kids it gets a little crowded upstairs.

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