Friday, January 20, 2012

Playing inside on cold days!

Star and Sky missed two days of school this week.  The buses didn't run because of severe wind chill
(-41 to -49*C).  I had some big plans to do some baking and sewing with them.  However, that didn't happen but they happily played for hours.  With school and other activities they don't have much time to just play and while they are getting older they still love to dress up and play pretend.  LK was excited to have his big sisters home to play with too and they happily included him.  It was a couple of wonderful days.  Today it is back to school for them and I have to try to get myself going this morning as well.

LK wanted to feed this bottle to LT (I am not sure why as she has never had a bottle) so Sky showed him how to feed her doll instead.

Star is making some turtle egg soup.

Mmmm looks good!

Of course dressing up is required.

One of the hazards of having older sisters is that they want to dress you up too.  I am not too sure what he thinks of the dress.

But I do know that he loves playing with his older sisters.

LT's favorite plaything right now is her toes but soon she will be joining in with the others.

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