Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LT is 4 Months!

Can you believe another month has gone by already?  LT is now four months old.  She is growing like a weed and getting stronger every day.

She can roll over quite easily now and spends a lot of time on her tummy, looking around and trying to grab things.  Whatever she does manage to grab ends up going in her mouth.  She also got her first two teeth this month.  She likes to grab my fingers and put them in her mouth, but ouch, those tiny teeth are sharp!

Another discovery she has made is her toes.  She spends a lot of time grabbing them but she can't quite get them in her mouth.
She is strong enough now to spend short periods of time in the exersaucer. 

She continues to be a fairly good sleeper.  That thumb continues to find its way into her mouth though.  Here she has fallen asleep on the floor, thumb in mouth, with her arm through one of her toys. 

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