Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarn Along - Stroller Toy

So I am once again joining in Wednesdays Yarn Along over at Small Things.  This week I finished the fish stroller toy.  The fish came from this Lion Brand pattern for a fish mobile, but then I decided to make them into a stroller toy.  The pattern for the stroller toy is from the book Amigurumi Two, Crocheted Toys for Me, You and Baby Too.  It turned out pretty good I think.  LK is always stealing them from LT's car seat and waving them them around saying "sh, sh" (he can't say fish yet).

The next project I will be working on is the turtle from the same book Amigurumi Two, Crocheted Toys for Me, You and Baby Too.  Sky has been asking for it for a while so I plan to work on that next and hopefully it will be done in time for me to give it to her for Christmas.    With two little ones I don't have a lot of time to crochet these days.

The book I have been reading this week is The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule.  I enjoyed this book.  It had a lot of ideas of how to encourage creativity in our children and ourselves.  It really focuses on enjoying the process of creating rather than the end product.  I've never really considered myself a creative person but I do think there is some creativity in all of us.   And we all can find joy in creating if we let go of any expectations for the end product.

That's all for this week.  Be sure and check all the wonderful projects over at Small Things.


  1. I love the curly seaweed!! I wonder if there are knitting patterns for stroller toys/mobiles?

  2. Oh My Gosh - that is adorable, thanks for sharing!

  3. That is so adorable! Destined to be a favorite!