Sunday, November 27, 2011

Skating on the Slough

Remember in the spring we were able to canoe on the slough near our house.  Well this past weekend we were able to skate on it.  It was a beautiful day with temperatures right around 0*C.  The girls were quite excited and we had a good time.  Unfortunately I didn't skate as I was wearing LT in the wrap but Daddy joined the girls for a skate when he was done vaccinating cows.  LK enjoyed walking on the ice for a while and when he got tired he got a ride in the sled.

A beautiful day for skating.

Sky doing a spiral.

Star doing a spiral.

It is not often that the slough is this full of water and that it freezes into nice ice.  We were lucky to get this opportunity.  Living in the country definitely has its challenges but it also has many blessings.  We hope to find more time this winter to take advantage of this ice.

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