Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon at the Ranch

Today hubby had some work to do on the corrals at the ranch and we all went along.  The day before he had brought back some little fish for the girls to look at that he found when working in the creek.  So the girls brought some strainers along to try and catch some fish. 

Sky searching for fish.

Star soon got wet and muddy so she was hanging out in the feed trough.

They did not catch any fish but they did catch a water beetle and some other little water critters that I couldn't identify.

Star was feeling tired and got a little bored so she ended up reading in the van (where LK was napping).  Sky however seemed to have lot's of energy and ran up and down the hills.

And here are the men using the tractor to pull the fence up.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon.  I hope we continue to have nice weather for a while.

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