Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Update on our Summer and Baby Boy

Wow, it has been a while since I posted and the summer just seems to be flying by.  We have been quite busy here.  The girls were in swimming lessons for two weeks. (They passed their levels, yeah!) I think it is important for children to learn to swim as you never know when they might fall into a body of water and their swimming skills could save them.  In our area there is only an outdoor pool so swimming lessons in the summer it is.  The girls also attended VBS (Vacation Bible School) for a week and they really enjoyed that as always.  Now the girls are off at camp for three days.  It is weird not having them around and I get a little worried about them being so far away.  But all must be well as I haven't received a phone call and I will be picking them up tonight so they will be home soon.  (Isn't amazing how when your kids are around all you want is for them to leave you alone for a while but when they are gone you miss them like crazy?).  We have no more scheduled activities this summer and I am looking forward to some slower days.  There is lot's to be done in the house and garden but I also want to spend some time with the kids doing some activities around home and enjoying some lazy summer days.  School is just around the corner and our schedule will soon be busy again.

I also wanted to give you an update on our little boy.  He is now six months old.  He had his six month appointment at the Doctor yesterday and he is 18.4 lbs (8.3 kg) and 27.6 inches (70 cm) which puts him at about the 75th percentile.  He is getting so strong and can sit up on his own now.  He is grabbing for anything he can reach and putting it all in his mouth.  On the floor he is rolling all over the place and can turn himself around quite easily.  Forward motion is still sort of eluding him but he does use his toes to push his bum way up into the air but all he really succeeds in doing is pushing his face into the floor.  Up until this point he has been exclusively breastfed but the doctor gave the go ahead to start solid food so that will be happening soon.  All in all he is a really contented boy.  He likes getting lot's of attention though and tends to cry if I leave the room.  He sleeps through the night regularly.  We don't have a consistent nap routine as we have been on the go a lot this summer but he sleeps when he gets a chance and seems to be doing all right.  He is such a joyful addition to the family and this third time around I am trying to enjoy every moment.

I will hopefully be posting a little more often now that our schedule is slowing down.  But I never know what will happen.  With three kids slowing down never really happens.  I hope everyone is having a great summer because it will be gone before you know it.

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