Monday, August 9, 2010

Solid Food

Over the weekend my little boy had his first real meal of solid food.  I went the traditional route and offered him rice cereal mixed with breast milk.  It wasn't an instant hit but he seemed to enjoy it after a bit and ate almost all that I had prepared.

Another thing I have been doing is having him sit in his highchair during family meals and letting him play with a bit of food while we eat.  When I was in the city last I found this Nibbler by Nuby at Superstore. I bought this for him and having  been letting him have some fruits and veggies to chew on in it.  This Nibbler makes it easier for him to pick up the pieces of food and reduces the risk of choking.

He really seems to enjoy the peaches I have been giving him.  I am afraid that I may be giving him a sweet tooth but I love fresh peaches at this time of year and he wants in on the fun.

I can't believe how fast my little baby is growing up.  I am a little sad that it goes by so quickly.  With my older children I was more excited by this milestone but I will miss being my little guy's sole source of nourishment.  Still it is great to seem him growing up happy and healthy.  What more could a mother want?


  1. Man, he's getting big. He looks a little like Anita as a child. :)

  2. Yeah, he sure is growing. He weighs over 18 pounds now which is more than the girls weighed at a year.