Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday and Weekly Goal

Here is my weight loss tip for the week: Breastfeed.  Seriously, I have been eating like a pig and not exercising this past week and I am still down one pound.  This weeks weight is 162 lbs. Apparently breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories a day.  So that is just one benefit to add to the many of breastfeeding.  I enjoy breastfeeding my son.  It is my time to sit and cuddle with him and I often sneak in a few minutes of reading as well.  Also I can feed him anywhere, at any time with no worry about bottles, measuring formula, or any of that.

In any case I still want to work on eating healthier.  Again this week I did not do so well with the food diary and increasing my intake of fruits and vegetables.  So again this is something I want to work on.  Along with drinking my water which I quickly slack off on if I don't keep track of it.

My other goal last week was to clean my closet area.  That did not get done.  So my goal is to do that tomorrow.  I am having company this weekend and I want them to be able to get into the closet and have a clean table to set stuff on.   Here is a "before" picture and I hope to be posting some beautiful "after" pictures tomorrow.

Yikes, what a mess!  I am amazed how quickly it gets messy.  This is just sort of a dumping ground as you come in the door.  I also store extra groceries in here and need to tidy them up. 

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