Monday, June 7, 2010

Branding Time

This past weekend we branded our calves at my father-in-law's ranch.  It went very well (with only a few incidents but that is to be expected) and had all 50 calves vaccinated and branded before noon.  Thanks to everyone who came and helped.  A few extra hands made it go very quickly.  I didn't help much at all as I was holding my son but the girls were happy to have me take them for a walk in the hills.  They also enjoyed playing by the creek with their cousin.  In the afternoon I was able to go for a ride to help move the bulls.  I'm not sure I was much help as the horse I was riding did not like to move but it was good to get the chance to ride.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Watch out for my mom when she has a needle in her hand.

Hubby and my Dad getting a calf ready to brand.

My daughter likes looking at the calves.

The girls love playing by the creek.

All done and the cows are headed to the summer pasture.

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