Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Cleaner Entry

Well, I did it. I got the closet area cleaned up here.  Here is a picture of it now.  It looks much better.  If only I can keep it this way.

Now one thing I have to worry about is all the papers and books the girls are bringing home now that school is almost done.  They are so proud of their work and want to save everything but it is not possible.  I do have a box for each of them that I save some of the stuff I think they may want to look back at in the future but the rest of the stuff needs to go.  Admittly I have a hard time getting rid of stuff as well so it is not just them.  So that is what I have to work on is getting rid of stuff, particulary as more stuff comes home from school.

On another note it has been very rainy here in Saskatchewan.  It is the wettest spring in decades.  A lot of the fields are flooded and many farmers are not done seeding and it is now getting too late to seed.  We were lucky as we got most of our seeding done.  There was just one field we were unable to get seeding.  But my garden is just a big mud puddle and there hasn't been many nice days to enjoy being outside.  Now when the weather does get nice it won't be very enjoyable outside because with all this wet weather the mosquitos are just thriving.  They are bad.  Especially having a young son on whom you are not supposed to put insect repellant it is going to be difficult to spend a lot of time outside particularly in the evenings.  So I welcome any ideas on keeping mosquitos away.


  1. i totally understand where you're coming from with papers - my kitchen table hasn't been cleaned off since sparks ended. That's one of my goals for today.

    About mosquitoes - I have an awesome jacket made entirely of netting. It's long sleeved with elastic sleeves & waist. It pulls on over the head and includes a full face covering, so there is no where for mosquitoes to get in. It sounds like you need something along those lines - could you make a netting cover for the car seat?

  2. That mosquito jacket sounds cool. I have a mosquito net on my list to buy the next time I am in the city, so hopefully that will help.