Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekly Goals Update

Just a quick update of my weekly goals.

Goal #1: Exercise every morning (Mon - Fri) this week.

Progress:  Well, I made it out of bed early again this morning.  As I slowly ease my way back into exercising I did another yoga video this morning.  It started out easy enough but I was sweating and out of breath by the time I got halfway through.

Goal #2: Take both kids outside every day and spent some time playing with them.

Progress:  We spent probably 45 min outside this morning.  It wasn't too cold but it was a bit windy.  We looked at our shadows and LK even played a bit of shadow tag with me.  Then I took them for a short walk in the wagon.  It turned out quite nice this afternoon so when the older girls went out to do their chores LK tagged along and they played outside for a while.

All that fresh air tuckered someone out.  She didn't quite make it through lunch (and yes she is a messy eater).


  1. I sure do think my god daughter gets her cuteness from me :)

  2. Do you really think so? I am not sure about that. I was pretty cute as a child (and still am of course).

  3. Nice try KK we all know it comes from me, after all look at my own daughter :)