Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Goals Update for Thursday and Friday

Goal #1: Exercise every morning (Mon - Fri) this week.

Progress: On Thursday morning I got up and did a yoga video again.

Goal #2: Take both kids outside every day and spent some time playing with them.
Progress: Thursday Sky has piano lessons in the morning so I didn't take the kids out to play.  However, they did get out of the house as we went took Sky to her piano lesson, ran some errands, stopped by the tot spot playgroup, and went grocery shopping.

Thursday night (or actually Friday morning) Star got sick at 1 AM and didn't stop getting sick until 7 AM so all bets were off on Friday.  I just tried to make it through the day.  Sky was nice enough to take LK out for a short time so he could get some fresh air.

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