Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doll for LK

I just finished crocheting this doll for LK the other day.  It is to be a gift for him when the new baby arrives.  He is a true boy and definitely prefers playing with trucks rather than dolls but I made him a doll anyway.  I used the pattern from the book Amigurumi Two: Crochet Toys For Me and You and Baby Too. The materials used didn't cost more than a couple of bucks, so if he doesn't like him I am not out much. But I think the doll is sorta cute and the girls like him (although they wish he had hair).  It was a simple crochet project and I find crocheting relaxes me.  I am sure I won't find much time for crocheting once this baby is born as my hands will be full.

PS. Yes, today is my due date but no sign of baby yet.

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