Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Great Thanksgiving Weekend

This past weekend was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  We has some beautiful fall weather and some wonderful time spent with family.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but I just wanted to document a little of what we did for memories sake.  Friday night two of my siblings and my parents came out to visit.  On Saturday they helped Hubby (who has a sprained ankle) put up some new fence and my mom baked some pies for our Thanksgiving dinner.  That night we enjoyed a fire outside cooking hot dogs and hamburgers for supper.  It will probably be our last cookout of the season as it is starting to get chilly here.  Also another one of my brother's came out on Saturday night.  On Sunday we had church and then brunch.  Unfortunately my mom and sister had to leave after lunch as my sister was flying out to Panama the next day.  However, Sunday afternoon my Aunt and cousins arrived.  We then chased some cattle home which was a lot of fun and we got our exercise in the fresh air.  Then it was time for Thanksgiving supper: turkey, potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, and cabbage rolls, followed by pumpkin and apple pies with whipped cream.  It was scrumptious.  After supper we enjoyed a game of charades.  I really enjoyed hanging out with all the family members who could be there.  On Monday we butchered some of our old hens as the young ones have started to lay eggs.  Once again the weather cooperated and we had a beautiful day.  We even made some bannock to cook over the fire after we were done scalding the chickens.  It was a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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